Established in 1999, Nile.Com is a private joint stock company based in Cairo, Egypt.

Nile.Com has successfully prospered in the rapidly evolving and highly demanding fields of communication and information technology.

Backed up by an ambitious team of professionals with business eagerness and technology oriented minds, and with a history of technical expertise, Nile.Com targets enterprise businesses and large accounts proposing efficient high-performance solutions and quality products that address their business and technology needs.

Working with Nile.Com will efficiently and reliably help you put your solution in place, on time and within budget.

We roll-out your Infrastructure and Security Project smoothly, working side-by-side with your team to make sure you achieve your objectives. Additionally, should you need ongoing support, we will be of assistance there as well.

Nile.Com will support you in order to:

  • Deploy your infrastructure and security solution smoothly and efficiently;
  • Minimize your exposure to threats;
  • Maximize your return on your risk management, infrastructure and security solution investment;
  • Optimize your resources’ utilization and effectiveness.

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